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Changhua Management Office Green Energy Optoelectronics Value-Added Program “ Office Premises ‘Carbon Reduction and Green Electricity’”
Changhua Management Office Green Energy Optoelectronics Value-Added Program“ Office Premises ‘Carbon Reduction and Green Electricity’” Global warming is getting worse and worse with rapid depletion of conventional energy sources, and with energy conservation and carbon mitigation having been prioritized by all countries in the world. Due to the exhaustion of a limited amount of fossil fuels, the development and use of green energy becomes a trend, wherein solar energy is the most commonly available green energy. The technology used for solar power generation has matured, and the average cost of facilities has become more affordable as well, which is worth vigorously promoting and widely used. Cooperating with the Bureau of Energy’s “Joint Lease by Tender of Central Ministries’/Departments’ Publicly-Owned Roofs”, green energy was used in office premises. This Office entered the “Joint Lease by Tender of National Central Ministries’/Departments’ Publicly-Owned Roofs”, a lease agreement of solar photovoltaic power generation equipment, with Ming Hwei Energy Co., Ltd. on July 27, 2021, installing solar power generation equipment on the top floor of the rental workstation by cooperating with a photovoltaic company to reduce carbon emissions. It is scheduled to complete the setup before July 31, 2022, and the agreement shall take effect on the validity date (August 1, 2021) and shall remain in full force for a period of 20 years until July 31, 2041.   This Office has 10 workstations to cooperate with the “Joint Lease by Tender of National Central Ministries’/Departments’ Publicly-Owned Roofs” project for the installation of solar photovoltaic equipment. Seven workstations have been completed up to the present time, and the annual electricity generation will be 310,000 kWh approximately by the time they are fully completed. According to the Bureau of Energy’s announcement on September 27, 2021, the drag coefficient for 2020 was 0.502 kg CO2e/kWh, which reduced carbon emissions by 155,000 kg approximately per year. When the hot summer comes, the solar photovoltaic system installed on the roof can isolate the unprotected exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, effectively lower the indoor temperature, reduce the office air conditioner electricity cost, delay the aging of the roof building materials, as well as indirectly prolonging the service life of the roof. It reduces carbon emissions, saves expenses and protects the earth. ◆List of Set Workstations Having Cooperated with the Program   Name of Premises Roof Area (ping) Capacity Setting (kW) Annual Electricity Generation (kWh) Reduction in Annual Carbon Emissions (kilogram) 1 Ershui Workstation Appr. 82 36.38 Appr. 49,113 Appr. 24,655 2 Yuanlin Workstation Appr. 57 19.88 Appr. 26,838 Appr. 13,473 3 Tianwei Workstation Appr. 60 19.88 Appr. 26,838 Appr. 13,473 4 Fudong Workstation Appr. 57 19.88 Appr. 26,838 Appr. 13,473 5 Xiushui Workstation Appr. 43 19.88 Appr. 26,838 Appr. 13,473 6 Fuxing Workstation Appr. 39 18.00 Appr. 24,300 Appr. 12,198 7 Xizhou Workstation Appr. 49 19.50 Appr. 26,325 Appr. 13,215 8 Dacheng Workstation Appr. 54 19.50 Appr. 26,325 Appr. 13,215 9 Erlin Workstation Appr. 76 37.13 Appr. 50,126 Appr. 25,163 10 Zhutang Workstation Appr. 54 19.50 Appr. 26,325 Appr. 13,215   Total Appr. 571 pings 229.53 kW Appr. 309,866 kWh Appr. 155,553 kg                                  ♦Erlin Workstation Erection Method: Scaffolding Investment Approach: Rent-a-roof Capacity Setting:37.13 kW Annual Electricity Generation: Appr. 50,126 kWh♦Zhutang Workstation Erection Method: Scaffolding Investment Approach: Rent-a-roof Capacity Setting:19.50 kW Annual Electricity Generation: Appr.26,325 kWh
Actively Revitalize Assets to Cooperate with Long-Term Care in Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program
Actively Revitalize Assets to Cooperate with Long-Term Care in Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development ProgramProperty Sector Xu Huan ShangThe one-day care in one school district policy under the “Plan for Construction of Long-Term Care Health and Welfare Base of Preparation for Public Service Base in Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program” has been implemented by Changhua Management Office, which has actively cooperated with the Central Government and the Changhua County Government. We used to say “Have plenty of descendants” in the past to describe an elderly person who was so blessed; however, with the population aging, the family image of the future will be likely to appear as a bunch of elderly people instead of children and grandchildren. Our family structure and intergenerational relationships will generate a significant impact. Not only the young people will have to take care of the elderly, but the elderly may have to take care of the “older” elderly people at home as well in the future family. Therefore, supportive care services will become more important. With respect to caring for older adults, family members are mainly responsible for taking care of the elderly, while foreign caregivers have increasingly become an indispensable role in caring for the elderly. Accordingly, the country needs to develop a sound social care system to mitigate the family’s care burden.Changhua County Government is planning to build the “Changhua City Innovative and Comprehensive Multifunctional Health and Welfare Building” currently, which will materialize the Long-Term Care 2.0 Policy planned by the government.The planned building site will be located on the two state-owned lands, which are Lot No. 1059 & 1061, Yanhe Section, Changhua City, abandoned water conservation ditches before restructuring in 2014. It is a complete building site allocated after the Changhua City Urban Reconsolidation and Implementation by the Private Sector, the land use district is a “residential area”, and it was originally planned to be reserved for value-added or other plans for development and utilization in the future. It is overgrown with weeds at present because it remains idle and undeveloped, leading to the need to cope with the letter of accusation from the Environmental Protection Bureau of the county government, which is deemed a waste of manpower as well as a waste of management and maintenance funds.Among all the lands, Lot No. 1061, Yanhe Section, Changhua City, was planned to be included in the land used for social housing purposes in Phase 2 (2021-2024) in Changhua County by the Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior in 2020. Changhua County Government, in 2021, requested the Construction and Planning Agency’s approval of appropriation of the state-owned Lot No. 1059 & 1061, Yanhe Section, Changhua City with Compensation for the cooperation with the Phase 3 through Phase 5 Projects of Urban-Rural Development “Plan for Construction of Long-Term Care Health and Welfare Base of Preparation for Public Service Base in Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program” handled by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.Considering the difficulty in obtaining large-scale lands for public construction and cooperation with the central government’s policy objectives, this Office provides the public with a one-stop public service base. It is agreed in principle to cooperate with the Changhua County Government in arranging the compensated appropriations of the foregoing two state-owned lands in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 3, Article 23 of the Irrigation Act. The Changhua County Government plans to set up community-based long-term care multi-functional service centers, long-term care case management centers, infant care centers pertaining to social welfare and maternal and child services, child-parent centers, and other maternal and child health venues, and deploy community mental health and social safety net and other service networks to cooperate with the second phase of the central social safety net plan policy, and professional medical services will be stationed on-site.In response to the public construction needs of the central and local governments, this Office adheres to the premise of not affecting the irrigation and water conservancy in the past period of the Irrigation Association, viewing and checking the existing “Regulations for Revenue Activation in Non-Enterprise-Use Real Estate of Irrigation and Water Conservancy”, it is found that for the non-enterprise-use land needing not to be used for irrigation and water conservancy any longer, because this Office is a nonprofit organization, and to avoid such lands’ management and maintenance costs, as well as considering that the total population structure is aging rapidly, which leads to an increase in the number of people in need of long-term care simultaneously, we agree to release and cooperate with the Executive Yuan to promote long-term care service policies to achieve preventive healthcare, active aging, slowing down incapacitation, promoting the health and well-being of the elderly, and improving the quality of life of the elderly; accordingly, the local government will arrange the compensated appropriations to solve the difficulty of land acquisition for long-term care institutions. It is believed that the multi-target community-based support services will be provided after the completion of the construction to enable the elderly to live a healthy and happy life with dignity, reducing the pressure of family care; thus, the children at work can care for the elderly with peace of mind as a result, and thereby meeting the local people’s needs for long-term care.⇒Existing Circumstances of Lot No. 1061, Yanhe Section, Changhua City⇒Existing Circumstances of Lot No. 1059, Yanhe Section, Changhua City  
E-generation of Smart Agriculture – Intensifying SuperGIS System Education & Training
E-generation of Smart Agriculture – Intensifying SuperGIS System Education & TrainingIrrigation Sector Ling Xing Yu        Map information of Geographic Information Systems, GIS is widely applied to a variety of fields, including the management of irrigation & drain channels, updating & improvement on water resources facilities, submission & control of work budgets, automatic monitoring & remote sensing allocation for electrically driven water gates, channel resource tracing, and assessment of IOT sensor allocation for future water quality. Instant uploading via Cloud database will further help achieve collaboration on map information and applications in all affairs.        To cooperate on the exercise of the GIS system revision by the Irrigation Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan to change from the previous ArcGIS Pro application to the SuperGIS Desktop 10.x geo-info system, this Office is appointed as a pilot agency for the education and training in SuperGIS, where the software functions are to be enhanced with the experiences of our coworkers at the work stations in taking hands-on learning courses, and assistance is to be given to the vendors in developing tools of map information search & applications.        There are 70 coworkers of this Office who are the persons on GIS case from the Irrigation Section, the Information Office, and the work stations, participating in the training at Gjun Information Co., Changhua City in three sessions. The head of Management Section of the Irrigation Agency, M.T. Hung is highly attentive to this exercise and sent the Sub-section leader, C.C. Yang and Senior Engineer Y.Y. Li to participate on site and give counsel, expecting to promote, with the help of the learning experiences of this Office’s coworkers, to all other offices.        Value-added applications of GIS map information can integrate the existing MIS databases whereby to achieve the objective of maps and texts as one, as well as use GIS as an interface to serve as a comprehensive and integrated map platform that allows users to have clear and broad view of the information on the affairs of different sections and offices which is displayed in a 3D manner. That is an advance toward the era of smart management of agricultural water and water distribution.
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